2024 AAU 2nd Qualifier-All That Glitters

1Women2N, 2OAll, Older, Younger
10Women7E, 7N, 8E, 8N, PE, PO, XD, XSAAll, Older, Younger
2Women3E, 3O, SNAll, Older, SN Older, SN Younger, Younger
3Women3A, 3NAll, Jr A, Jr B, Sr A, Sr B
4WomenSA, SE, SOAll, Middle, Older, Younger
5WomenGA, GNMiddle, Older, Younger
6WomenGE, GO, LG, LSAll, Middle, Older, Younger
7WomenBE, BNAll, Jr A, Jr B, Sr A, Sr B
8WomenBA, BOAll, Jr A, Jr B, Sr A, Sr B
9Women4A, 4N, 4O, 6E, 6NAll, Older, Younger

Team Results (Using Top 3)
Team Results (Using Top 5)
Team Results (Using Top 7)

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